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A Message from Wild Wild West ...

Today we are all busy.  It's during these times that we try to readjust our lives, rethink what is truly important to us and gain a new sense of balance. As we rethink our personal values, we also rethink real value. What is real value? Real value is a fair price for a great product and that is precisely what Wild Wild West strives to offer. Solid wood furnishings with a western flair that tips its hat to a bygone era when life was less complicated. Isn’t that what we all desire; something with value, timelessness and simple sophistication? Whether your style is rustic, western or tuscan, rustic furniture is a perfect fit for your home with the romance of the old west; the ambiance and hard edges that shape the whole tale. But as you know, Wild Wild West offers authentic leather and upholstered sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans with the same principals in mind; value, timelessness and simple sophistication. Don’t dare forget the home décor, gift items, clothing and accessories which exhibit price ranges making it easy to splurge a little bit once in a while! So as you sit and ponder during the few quiet moments that you have during the day about your values and what is truly important to you, know that a small store in Odessa, Texas has been thinking about you and your concerns and what is takes to make your home cozy, comfortable, easy living, and most of all distinctly yours. Thank you for letting Wild Wild West be a part of your life by letting us into your home and thank you for being part of the Wild Wild West story.

Wild Wild West Mission Statement

Wild Wild West will provide home furnishings and décor items that offer value, timelessness and a simple yet sophisticated style with extraordinary customer service.